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-Semi-hardcore Gamer
-Fantasy literature Fan
-Draw things
-Marvel Comics
-Lives in Turkey
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Umbrella Academy: Apocalypse Suite #4

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Deadpool's weakness for children


(Trigger warnings for child abuse and pedophilia at the end)

Although almost an adult, a 17-year-old boy becomes Deadpool’s ward in Deadpool V2 #50-51


Deadpool misses a target who fatally shoots a man who asks Deadpool to take care of his son, and Deadpool agrees. The boy never believes…

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Koskoca cream yöntemine bak be

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More cat

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I find a cat

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çıplak kadın etinden usanmamıza rağmen çıplak kadın eti layklıyoruz şeytan bunlar



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Rancid means golden like really awesome but golden and awesome sound so boring so I say rancid it is a compliment also I take all insults as compliments gets em everytime

i taught it means ”stinky” and still take it as a compliment

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